I’m sitting outside the HBU Cullen Science Center enjoying the weather. Spending the last weeks cooped up in the solitude of the gym and my bedroom hasn’t done my “outdoorsy” side much justice. In fact, the last time I enjoyed the weather to this extent was when I was an actual student at HBU. Now as I listen to the sound of nothingness, I’m left in a profound state of confusion.

Nature doesn’t require comprehension. It isn’t offended by what you say or do. It doesn’t care what religion you are, what you wear, or how you think. It doesn’t care about anything we’re supposed to care about. Heh, it’s probably the singular demonstration of objectivity within our reach. 🙂

I had a chance to finally attend an AED meeting as “an outsider.” A physician from Alabama enlightened the group with his journey towards becoming an internist. He provided us with valuable advice, words of caution, and some laughter. Though he attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham for undergrad and medical school, he completed his residency training at Baylor College of Medicine. 🙂 Before the meeting, he told me about the program being filled with valuable opportunities around the Texas Medical Center, and how he also shared an interest in neurology/neurosurgery similar to my own. It’s always nice to meet practicing physicians. They’re living examples of what all the hard work I’m about to take on will result in. The year 2013 seems so far away.

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