Pre-Orientation Get Together

Around 40-50 of my future Baylor Med classmates went to Two Rows restaurant in Rice Village for a “meet and greet” event yesterday evening. We shared stories regarding our undergrad, where we grew up, what we aspire to pursue in medical school, concerns, etc. When I found us still standing around in spite of the tables/chairs having been ready for twenty minutes, I knew this class would be interesting. 🙂 Just a quick glance across the room showed how culturally diverse we are, and after conversing with many of them, our life experiences are even more so.

So Murphy’s Law (modified for Houston, of course) states that when you want the weather to cooperate… it won’t. Such was the case yesterday. It hadn’t rained that hard with so much lightning/thunder in weeks. Our tables were covered, but outside nevertheless, so some of us were pretty drenched from the wind-assisted downpour.

After dinner, we went bar-hopping. Don’t really know if visiting only two bars counts as “hopping”, but I’m not one to judge since it was my first time. 😀 Being the “noob” that I am, I didn’t realize that I would need my ID, so I had to run back to my car to grab the thing before they would let me in. We mingled for a while, met a couple of second year students, then went across the street to Little Woodrows where it was much quieter. Soon after, I departed looking forward to next week’s get together. 🙂

I learned two things last night. First, I’m going to really enjoy the next four years with these classmates. Second, Facebook has an impeccable influence on first impressions. If you’re Facebook friends for more than three months before actually meeting, you act like you’ve known each other forever, lol.

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  1. Wow. I would have been really shy and just stood at a corner, hiding. 😉

    Did you drink? I have found cognac to actually help with my studies.

    • Nah man, it’s a life goal to never drink even though studies show moderate consumption of alcohol actually decreases the likelihood of cancer, ischemic stroke, etc. I’ll probably be one of the few guys at Baylor Med who voluntarily chooses not to drink, and therefore be labeled (as I was in undergrad) as the “designated driver.” 😀

      • Yeah, I used to not drink but got suckered in due to peer pressure from friends and family. Drinking is ok but with moderation, I guess.

        A very respectable goal you have.

        We do need more of those designated drivers, buddy! Every time I pass 59 and 610 and see that sign that says “23 killed since 2000-something”, I get goosebumps.

      • wow…that’s a very admirable life goal for a young male medical student in this day and age… ***KUDOS, Rishi***

  2. Awww…How nice!!

    I would say going to different bars is fun, not bc of the alcohol, but bc you get to talk and converse with friends in a different setting, as sometimes med school, can seem to follow you wherever you go, long after you’ve left the auditorium. Happy hour is esp. fun when **food** (me) and drinks (everyone else lol.) are cheap.

    I can only stomach like 1-2 fruit-flavored drinks (as for me, beer tastes disgusting) which is nothing compared to my classmates who have a much higher tolerance.


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