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Snow Leopard Installation

I’ve finished installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my MacBook and Hackintosh workstation, and it’s obvious that Apple has come through with their promise of increased performance. One thing I noticed immediately is that when I’m running several programs (Coda, Keynote, Word, Mail, Safari, Adium, Skype, iTunes, etc.), less than five threads are used per program during idle periods. This translates to more resources being available to the system for other functions.

Furthermore, on my MacBook, my free hard drive space went from 154.67 GB to 171.74 GB (a whopping 17.07 GB in savings just by installing Snow Leopard). 馃檪 I’m still trying to rewrite some kexts for my Hackintosh (due to intermittent kernel panics), but I’ll make more progress on that front once I have a break from school.


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  1. Awesome. I was thinking of spending the $30 to upgrade but was curious if it was worth it. Sounds like you’ve witnessed some concrete improvements with the upgrade so I guess I’ll take the jump.

    Thanks Rishi


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