Too Old for Medical School?

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  1. Oh yes, it seems like ever other freshman you come across is “premed.” I just want to laugh lol…. sure you are sweetie :).

  2. I voted Yes… but I was thinking more on the “too young” front. I have heard of some students (a few family friends… others through the grapevice) who somehow graduate highschool at 16 or so, finish college in 2 years, then go to med school at the age of 18 or 19. I think that’s ridiculous. What does that kid know ? How is he sure that medicine is right for him? It’s no secret that people change considerably throughout college… And if no college, people just need some time/years to grow up. I have learned a LOT in the 2-3 years since I was 18 or 19 years old… I also wonder how the adcom knows that those students are going to turn into responsible adults? Maybe there are some 18 or 19 year olds out there who somehow manage to be well rounded and well socialized and have developed their character enough to know that they have what it takes to be a doctor… but it’d take some serious convincing for me to take a 22 year old doctor very seriously.

    Now, an older applicant? One that had the energy and drive to go back to school later in life? That shows initiative, that shows commitment and passion… I’d trust that doctor in a heartbeat. I’d rather the money be spent on that applicant than choosing a super young, unexperienced kid who was lucky to be graced with intelligence, but might or might not have the passion… it’s too soon to tell.

    • You speak my mind, Kasey. Without a doubt, older applicants possess a level of maturity which simply cannot be expected from a late teenager. Also, the fact that they already weighed the disadvantages inherent to becoming a physician so late in life speaks volumes about their dedication and commitment.

      I can say this because you’re already in pharmacy school, but I’ve come across many people (especially undergrad freshman) who all aspire to become physicians, dentists, pharmacists, PA’s, etc. It’s interesting to see how a few years of college cause many to stray away from healthcare professions. 😀 Oh well, I guess that’s sort of the point of undergrad – “finding yourself.”

      …and I definitely wouldn’t recommend getting Sabrina examined by a 20 year old veterinarian. 😉

  3. For those who voted “no”, if you’re a medical school who has to invest thousands of dollars and countless hours to train each student, why would you train a student who will practice 30 years less than “traditional” applicants? I’m just playing devil’s advocate, since it’s illegal to discriminate based on age… but what are your thoughts?


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