Trying to be Green

I spent the majority of today cleaning each room in the house, and then laying down a pesticide in anticipation for springtime critters. It was a perfect chance for me to implement something I read in a magazine to make the house “greener” (and lower the electric bill).

Over the years, I’ve built somewhat of a collection of power strips, and today, I finally put them to good use. I collected all the items I own which are rechargeable, hooked them up to a power strip, and toggled the switch to “off.” Even though gadgets may be turned off, if they’re hooked to an outlet, they’re still drawing a little bit of power. Now I don’t have to worry about that additional energy going to waste. 🙂

In my room, I’ve got my electric toothbrush, digital camera, cell phone charger, and netbook charger all hooked to the same strip. It’ll be switched off all the time except when one of the aforementioned devices is in need of a lot of charging. Sure, I’ll probably save less than $100 a year, but hey… every little bit counts, right?

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