Visiting My Pediatrician

I just got back from an appointment with my pediatrician to get my meningitis, hepatitis A, and tetanus booster immunizations for medical school. Before a nurse administered the injections, she took some information to update my file:

  • Heart rate = 51 bpm
  • Blood pressure = 120/78
  • Temperature = 98.4 degrees C

In other words, everything was great, and my grueling cardio conditioning has paid off on that resting heart rate. 🙂

After getting the injections, I wanted to visit the pediatrician I’ve had since I was in pre-school to let him know I would be starting medical school this summer, ask how he’s been, and engage in some “catch up” conversation. Upon seeing him, I was really baffled that he remembered me. My dad used to work with him as a medical technologist, and my mom worked as a registered nurse in the same hospital per his referral, but I’ve physically changed so much since the last time he saw me (2003) that I thought I might as well be a stranger.

The nurses laughed at my gawking. They had become accustomed to Dr. Nelms remembering patients even after years of not having seen them. Oh, and for those who are wondering why I, a 21 year old, still go to a pediatrician, well, let’s just say that change is overrated. 😉

Before departing, Dr. Nelms gave me one insight regarding medical school.

Medical school is easy, but it’s the ******* volume of information that’s the problem.

I was surprised at his use of words (considering he was a pastor before going to medical school), but his input is exactly what current medical students have told me. I’m looking forward to it!

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