Reduce WordPress Spam with Invisible Defender

I used to solely employ Akismet to quarantine spam comments on, but after receiving hundreds of spam comments per day, a better solution was necessary. I sifted through the plugin repository and came across new preventative measures to eliminate spam in a slightly different way – by not allowing spam bots to post bogus comments in the first place. Plugins like WP-SpamFree are very popular, but I found them to slow my site down to a noticeable degree.

So what do I use now? Along with Akismet, I use Invisible Defender. You can read more about how the plugin functions by navigating to the linked site, but from a statistical aspect, I have no more than ten spam comments a day. Furthermore, I’ve noticed virtually no difference in this site’s load time. It’s a great plugin, and I have a feeling that many more plugins will pop up which combat spam using a similar method.

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  1. I used a plugin called BadBehavior which has worked without flaw. It also gives the opportunity to review the traffic it snagged, in case is mis-flags something.


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