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Angry Birds & Fruit Ninja

Why are the simplest games so incredibly addictive?! Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds, two titles available on both the Android and iOS platforms, have taken over my mobile gaming world… and I really don’t know why. The former involves using your finger to slice fruit while trying to avoid slicing bombs. The latter deals with throwing birds with various abilities through a myriad of obstacles to annihilate different kinds of pigs. How’s that for an overview? 馃槢

There’s something about simple games which is so… appealing! Big name game designers are more preoccupied with implementing stunning environments, the latest in graphical technology, artificial intelligence, etc. Yet slicing fruit with one’s finger, something which is devoid of any impressive technologies, is equally addicting (to me at least). And if I were a family of birds who had my eggs stolen by some pigs, I’d be on a rampage for some revenge too!

On the Android platform, Fruit Ninja is $0.99 and Angry Birds is free (albeit with ads which rooted handsets can use AdFree to remove). If you haven’t tried them, it’s time to satisfy your “inner sensei.” 馃槈


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