Beginning of the End – Block 8c

It’s finally here – my last block in the basic sciences at Baylor Med. This block will include “age related topics” and “genetics”, neither of which I find particularly interesting but are of obvious importance in clinical medicine (then again, so is everything, right?) 😉

In spite of the excitement associated with finishing the basic sciences, this block has many challenges ahead. On December 17th, the MS2s have our end of basic science exam (EBSE) only days after our last block exam. We have a clinical knowledge exam earlier that week with our block exams too. I’ve got my OSCE exam tomorrow. I have to finish a pharmacology elective final exam by December 10th. I also have to finalize several things for a BCM MS2 tradition on Friday. Hmmm… as far as prioritizing goes, the overwhelming majority of my time will undoubtedly go towards preparing for the EBSE. First Aid for the USMLE Step I will become an extension of me. 😛

In the next three weeks, I’ll find myself drained and isolated as I rise to power, but I know there’s a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Though I’ve grown accustomed to bunking class/labs almost religiously, I’ve also grown frustrated with the social contract of medical school. While I’m extremely privileged to have the friends that I do, I still need a change of scenery in terms of both venue and people.

I will pass the EBSE, I will start clinics in January, and the operating room will become my new home. Here’s hoping that I live to see December 18th. 🙂

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