Disney Movie Night

Around fifteen of my classmates took part in a “Disney Movie Marathon” yesterday evening where we essentially relived our childhoods by watching The Lion King, Anastasia (I just found out last night that it’s not a Disney movie), Beauty and the Beast, and Pocahontas.

How do I remember songs from the Lion King (which came out 15 years ago) verbatim but can’t even recall what I read in my immunology book last night!?! Its gotta be some Disney Magic. Or perhaps Elton John. 😉 I just wish Acland’s anatomy videos had that impression. *Sighs*

On the downside, I went into Aladdin-withdrawal since no one happened to bring my absolute favorite Disney movie of all time. 🙁 Oh well, regardless, we had some great conversations about the Houston marathon, exotic sites in Germany (to say the least), and demonstrated just how many medical students it takes to bake a frozen pizza. All in all, it was a great night of juxtaposing youth (Disney) with adulthood (rum, vodka, and scotch… or in my case… Coke Zero). 😀

So for those who are curious, my top three favorite songs from animated movies are:

  1. “A Whole New World” – Aladdin
  2. “Circle of Life” – Lion King
  3. “Once Upon A December” – Anastasia

And another thing about Disney movies… it’s amazing how well they cater to both adults and children. As young adults, we were dwelling on the symbolism and other abstract plot elements, but I clearly recall being amazed by the “pretty colors” as a child. It’s really a testament to the timeless nature of these movies.

Now I’m about to head to the anatomy lab to dissect more of the neck with my tankmates. I guess for every night of fun, productivity must follow. Balance. 🙂

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