End of Block 4

This past exam week has been a marathon of sleepless nights culminating in a full session of “12 hours” from Wednesday night into Thursday morning. After the block party last night, I had been awake for 47 hours and was breathing hard just to get to my car… right across the street. :mrgreen:

After eight hours of sleep last night, I’m basking in my renewed energy and relaxing over the weekend while block 5 looms around the corner. Definitely have some errands to run, but other than that, the Olympics will comprise the majority of this three day “break” between blocks.

Going back to my lack-of-sleep reference earlier, keep in mind that it’s not because of cramming. I enjoyed spending Wednesday night with a few of my classmates reviewing notes together, bouncing questions off each other, etc. No single individual is capable of remembering all the nuances of medical education, but many people have creative learning methods or first-hand experience associated with a lot of the facts we have to learn. Conveniently enough, my classmates are some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished medical students in the country which makes review sessions incredibly productive… after you throw in some pizza, energy drinks, Enounce, and laughter.

On a side note, though I’m sad to see anatomy lab come to an end, correctly answering both practical questions pinned on my group’s cadaver was definitely the highlight of my Thursday. Tank #24 pride! 🙂

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