The Eve of Block 4

I’m pretty sure no one has ever been this excited to start head and neck anatomy, but I am. However nerdy it sounds, I’ve been looking forward to block 4 (head/neck, pathology, immunology, and pharmacology) since, well, the beginning of block 1. As you would imagine, it’s the extensive study of the brain which I’m anticipating more than anything else.

Finally, I’ll get to peer inside this incredibly elegant organ outside of the operating room to see what it’s like in a normal (albeit preserved) state. No more pulsations with every heart beat. No more looking through a surgical microscope. This time, it’s just me and brain (perhaps with a scalpel and/or forceps too). 🙂

It’ll be a grueling eight weeks of trying to balance immunology (in which I’ve had no prior exposure) with pharmacology. Throw in some First Aid review of the first semester, a lot of head and neck anatomy, the beginning of a hate-hate relationship with pathology, and I’ve got one heck of a block ahead of me.

I do, however, see myself having fun. After all, enjoying something doesn’t imply that it’s easy. 😉

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