Last Day of Preclinicals

Yesterday was my last day of preclinicals. Hmmm, let me say that again. My LAST day of preclinicals. Ever. It sure has been an incredible eighteen months since I embarked on this journey! I’ll be writing a post at the end of this week (after exams) summarizing my last six months in retrospect, but as for now, it’s an incredible feeling to have come this far in my education.

I spent the overwhelming majority of this block piecing together a video for one of BCM’s yearly traditions known as 12 Days. As a result, I’m now playing big-time catch up for the exams I have next week. It’s 1:45 AM, and I just started studying for genetics. It’s gonna be a long night. 😯

I also received my clinical schedule for the upcoming year! I almost got my first choice, so I’m really pleased. 🙂

January 3rd to March 26th Internal Medicine
month off
April 25th to June 18th Psychiatry
summer vacation
July 5th to August 27th Obstetrics & Gynecology
August 29th to October 22nd Surgery
month of surgical selectives
November 21st to December 17th Neurology
winter break
January 3rd to January 28th Family Medicine
February and March off to study for USMLE Step I

Overall, it’s a great schedule! Starting with Internal Medicine will give me a great “overview” of the clinical experience and having surgery towards the end will hopefully give me the breadth of knowledge I need to excel. Most of my free time will go towards exploring research opportunities, and I’ll likely be taking Step I at the end of March 2012.

Hmmm, so the last day of preclinicals was on December 10. Is it an interesting coincidence that I received “the phone call” from Baylor Med exactly two years ago? 😀

Here’s hoping I can stay focused for the next week!

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    • The committee decided to privatize the videos to keep the 12 Days tradition semi-secretive for incoming MS1s. Thanks for catching this oversight – I’ve corrected the post accordingly. 🙂


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