Why Not Pursue Information Technology?

During the Q & A portion of a med/tech presentation I gave yesterday, I was asked why I pursued medicine if information technology (IT) seems to account for most of my hobbies and interests.

Information technology would have offered an endless supply of projects to utilize mathematical thinking in a computer-intense lifestyle. I could have worked from home. I’d have better hours. My responsibilities would be different since lives wouldn’t be hanging in the balance. Plus, the corporate ladder is always fun to scale up. 😉

So why medicine? Here’s my *abbreviated* explanation:

We’re living in an information era filled to the brim with emphasizing technology – improving it, utilizing it, applying it in fields we never thought possible. Consequently, I don’t have to “give up” technology to be a physician as it goes hand-in-hand with the future of medicine. Those with a firm understanding of technological do’s and don’t have a substantial edge in adapting to new medical procedures, treatments, etc. Coupled with a business background, I see myself designing the software and instrumentation, marketing it, and then implementing it in the operating room in a “bench to bedside” approach to neurological therapy. This would be the ideal unification of everything I enjoy doing – an opportunity that only medicine, not IT nor business, could provide.

Finally, there are countless others who would gladly take my spot at Baylor Med and in the Texas Medical Center without any “plan B” like IT. For their sake as well as the health of my future patients, I’m humbled by this privilege and intend to make the most of it. 🙂

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  1. I’m in a similar situation. I’ll most probably find an ideal way to incorporate IT in my medical practice and not the other way round.


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