Beginning of Benign Gynecology

Saturday morning marked the end of my week on gynecological oncology (“gyn-onc”). A colleague and I came in for morning rounds, got to leave by 10:30am, and I spent the rest of the day pseudo-studying.

For the last two weeks of this rotation, I’ll be on benign gynecology alternating between clinic days and operating room days (Essure placements, abdominal/vaginal hysterectomies, uterine myomectomies, bilateral tubal ligations, etc). Our clinical duties end next Wednesday at noon so we get the rest of that day in addition to Thursday to study for our shelf exam on Friday.

Gynecology team workroom
Gynecological Oncology team room

Hopefully the next two weeks will appeal to the very reason why I want to pursue ENT – a combination of “patients (clinic) and procedures (O.R.).” All in all, OB/Gyn has been incredible – the residents have been tremendously helpful, I’ve worked with great team members, and I think I’ve conserved enough energy to roll into my next rotation, surgery, with a smile on my face. Hope the next two weeks go just as well! 🙂

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