Finished with Labor and Delivery

Yesterday was my last shift of L&D, and it was an eventful week indeed. Waking up at 4 AM and getting home around 7:30 pm limited my exposure to… the sun… but hopefully I’ll be able to reset my internal clock over the weekend.

As a parting gift, I had a special opportunity to see a midwife-led delivery yesterday afternoon. The nursing midwife (with 30+ years of experience as a midwife and L&D nurse) graciously shared what being a midwife actually entails. In short, compared to traditional vaginal births, midwives focus more on the mother and her wishes while utilizing minimal intervention. Everything from communication to gloving oneself has to be done in clear view of the mother. Catching her beautiful baby boy was a great way to end the week.

The midwife also informed me about a new approach to advancing prenatal maternal care called centering pregnancy. Similar to psychiatric group therapy, women of similar gestational ages meet in a group setting to discuss various issues and concerns with each other as well as a counselor. This struck me as particularly useful for the patient population I’ve been dealing with as many have recently immigrated to the area and have yet to develop a stable social group. The notion of “people healing people” makes me smile. 🙂

As a side note, the staff at my preceptor’s office and my teammates have noted a certain glow about me while around babies. I think it’s their purity which appeals to me. I can’t help but wonder how society will influence (and likely corrupt) them as they mature, but right out of the womb and for the first few years, they’re perfect. 😉

Next week I’ll be in my final (and easiest) week of obstetrics – clinic! I’m looking forward to the half days. 😀

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