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Finished With OB/Gyn – On To Surgery

Around 3:45pm yesterday afternoon, I officially finished my OB/Gyn rotation. I felt very prepared after having read Case Files, uWise, Boards & Wards, and supplementing BluePrints for additional clarification, but like all shelf exams, I narrowed down a bunch of questions to two choices. Bleh, hopefully I managed to do well. 😀

My last post basically summarized my sentiments regarding the rotation. I had a blast and learned a lot, but I still don’t feel that it’s something I could do every day for the rest of my career. Glad there are people who feel otherwise though!

Later today, I’m giving a talk about the interplay between technology and medicine in the future. I intend to use the rest of my weekend attending to errands prior to the long awaited three month rotation in surgery. I’ve already got a game plan as far as studying for the surgery shelf (NMS Casebook, Pestana Review, PreTest, etc) but am more preoccupied with trying to enjoy this two-day “vacation” first.

I’ll be in the emergency center for two weeks, then doing pediatric surgery for two weeks, and then have a month of general surgery. In contrast to OB/Gyn where I spent two months in a public, county hospital (Ben Taub), I’ll be spending the majority of my first two months in private hospitals – Texas Children’s and St. Luke’s. Should be very different!

Monday is going to be a full day of orientation. I’m ready to get the ball rolling on the rotation I’ve been looking forward to since clinics started. 🙂


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