First Caesarian Section

Well I’m back on the labor and delivery (L&D) service working from 6am to 6pm+ delivering babies, scrubbing in on C-sections and tubal ligations, talking to patients in labor, assessing fetal health in utero, etc. Gyn consult was fun last week, but I’m ecstatic to be back in the operating room.

This evening, I had the privilege of seeing a relatively complicated C-section. The residents and attending really made me a part of the operating team as I assisted with cauterization, stapling, suction, retraction, tying one-handed knots (thanks to last week’s suture workshop), and actually delivering the baby and placenta. When we made the horizontal uterine incision and the residents were literally standing on stools trying to push the baby out, I knew it was time for business! 😎

Anyways, there’s something about the O.R. which makes time fly. Sooner than later, it was already 7:00pm, the night team was picking up patients, and I was amazed by what had just transpired in front of me – we literally went inside one human being to pull out another. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be following up on both the mother and my newest 3,500 gram patient. What a day! 🙂

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