People’s Community Health Center

The People’s Community Health Center is a resident-run clinic which serves the various primary care needs for people in southwest Houston (80,000+ patients per year) – I’m spending my first week of gynecology here and loving it!

During orientation for this rotation, the faculty noted that students enjoy their week at People’s Clinic the most, and now I see why. As medical students, the residents empower us to do procedures… and lots of them. In just two days, I can’t count how many bimanual exams, PAP smears, STI tests, wet mounts, breast exams, and IUD placements I’ve either done myself (with a chaperone, of course), or assisted in. Not to mention, the entire environment is very laid back (and the nurses are hilarious).

I’ve seen two types of patients – those for well woman exams (WWEs) and those for prenatal visits. While WWEs are something different, inquiring about how pregnancies are going is what I did all of last month, so I’m partial to the babies. 🙂

The clinic is closed on Wednesday mornings, hence my having time to write this blurb before I get back to studying for the shelf exam. I’ll hopefully have a chance to do more exams this afternoon and then squeeze in more studying time prior to a SurgicalCorps dinner meeting. Hope those who just started clinical rotations have prepared for what is likely to be the most rewarding time of their life to date.

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