Site Preparation for Clinical Years

Since I don’t foresee myself having time to work on this site’s framework too much during clinics, I went ahead and made some small tweaks (most of which won’t be visible to the front-end user): combining a few CSS sprite images, throwing some CSS3 shading onto the page, adjusting some text sizes and scalability, and overall code optimization. I also wrote a really simple JQuery implementation of AJAX page loading, but didn’t think it would be feasible to employ on a weblog-centered site. If you’re interested in the code, let me know. 🙂

As far as content goes, I swept through all my posts and privatized any which I felt could be considered even remotely offensive. Keep in mind that I started blogging over five years ago, and a lot of the opinions I had then have been drastically molded by my experiences in college and medical school. I honestly don’t have the drive to go through each of those posts one-by-one and make the necessary corrections, so hiding them from public view is my easiest option. 🙂

I’m pretty sure people can’t get offended by posts about my experiences in medical school… unless I just overall suck at life… which is a likely possibility. 😉

As always, thanks to everyone who drops in from time to time to explore my tiny corner of the Internet. :mrgreen:

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