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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is a tactical first-person shooter pitting a team of terrorists (Ts) against counter-terrorists (CTs); rounds are won either by completing the objective (planting the bomb, defusing the bomb, rescuing hostages, etc.) or eliminating the opposing team.

Since Counter-Strike Source came out in 2004, I’ve been a crazed fan. In high school, classmates would often stay up past midnight playing each other, go to school, discuss strategies during lunch, and then return to playing in the evening. I played competitively in cyberathletic league (CAL) clan matches, hosted servers, partook in LAN parties, and did other nerdy activities which I’m shamefully admitting years later. 馃槢

Anyways, a sequel will finally be released this coming week – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Based on my game time playing the public beta, there will be a slight learning curve even for seasoned CS players; however, the improved graphics/audio, maps, and layouts are well worth it. 馃檪

Beginning a round on Dust 2.
The score board is MUCH better

And now that I’m a fourth year med student, there’s plenty of time to play before beginning my residency training. 馃槈 If there are any other CS:S, CS:GO, or TF2 players out there, my Steam handle is rishk789.


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