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How To Cherry Pick Android AOKP Commits

Compile errors 30 minutes into an Android build process? Want to incorporate the bleeding edge of development into your ROM? It’s “cherry picking” time! Cherry picking is just that – “picking” pieces of code which are still under project development to incorporate into your build. Here’s a brief tutorial of how to cherry pick for聽AOKP. Warning: If you’re not semi-comfortable browsing Gerrit sites, do not pass go, and don’t pick cherries.

First, view the聽open items on AOKP’s Gerrit site. Take some time to browse the various commit messages and learn about where the project is going. For each commit, you’ll see ID information similar to the following.


Pay attention to the Project entry (ex: “frameworks_base”). Using a Terminal, navigate to that folder in your AOKP repository (ex: “cd ~/aokp/frameworks/base”). Scroll down the commit page and copy + paste the “cherry-pick” code into the Terminal, and then you’re all set. Note the following is just an example (don’t type the code in the image) – you’ll have to tailor the code based on which commit you’re trying to cherry pick.


I’ve only cherry picked a few times to resolve build issues in my merge-only builds of AOKP, but it’s a simple and useful technique for any Android enthusiast. 馃檪


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