Finished With My Residency Interview Trail

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My journey through the anesthesiology interview trail has been over for two weeks, and since then, I’ve been comparing each program’s pros and cons to help formulate the rank list I’ll submit by February 2013.

All the programs I visited were extremely hospitable and had some interesting perks to their respective training styles, but in the end, I can only be employed by one. There are a plethora of other considerations OUTSIDE of medicine: the city itself (urban vs suburban?), the population demographics (single vs married? college town?), activities (professional sports?), etc.

An anesthesiology applicant should interview at a minimum of seven programs (according to primary literature sources – SDN and word-of-mouth ;-)) to have a good chance in the Match; I wanted to interview at a few more for safety’s sake. Compared to my colleagues in other specialties, this number is quite small… and it translated to an interview trail with minimal costs. Airfare was free courtesy of credit card miles, and hotels were paid for at most places. In fact, the bulk of my incurred expenses were in the taxi/bus department. I guess I’ll have more flexibility in furnishing the apartment which I’ll rarely see as an intern. 😀

Wherever I matriculate, I feel there’s something valuable I’ll be able to contribute with my experience in business and technology. I seek to incorporate facets of other programs into the department to optimize satisfaction from both the trainee and patient ends.


  1. Yay! Congratulations on finishing your residency interviews. I’m sure you’ll get into your top picks of choice!

    And Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Lucy! Hope you’ve been enjoying the holiday season and are ready for block 4! 🙂

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