Happy New Year 2013!

Happy 2013 to everyone! In spite of how much we ridiculed December 21, 2012 as being the “end of the world”, I find it more appalling how much money is spent each year to commemorate the passage of another day. Oh well, I’m just glad that people have an excuse to be cheerful towards the end of the year. But with the fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, prospect of another recession, another Kardashian, and the Houston Texans losing their home field advantage throughout the NFL Playoffs… is 2013 really something to look forward to in the first place? 😐

I can think of one good reason – 2013 will be the year my classmates and I become physicians. 25 years for two little letters. And then I’ll be an intern… and actually be treating patients with minimal supervision… :shock:. Though I feel prepared, eustress will certainly be tugging at me throughout the latter half of the year.

As far as resolutions go, hmmm… I’d like to use the last part of med school to wrap up this wonderful journey and prepare myself for my real training to commence.

Oh, and I want to skydive. 😀

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