Intern Year Schedule

With only three days left before graduation, I received my schedule for intern (PGY1) year. Interns start their rotations on the 1st of every month and leave on the last day of that month.

July 2013 VA Nephrology
September 2013 St. Luke’s Hematology/Oncology
October 2013 Ben Taub General Medicine
November 2013 St. Luke’s Cardiology
December 2013 St. Luke’s Pulmonary
February 2014 Ben Taub Medical ICU
April 2014 VA General Medicine
May 2014 BT Emergency Room

The gaps during the year (August, January, March, June) will be filled with anesthesia-related rotations like ENT clinic, transfusion medicine, and general anesthesia.

I also know my vacation times: September 16th – September 22nd and March 10th – March 16th. I’ll also get a holiday break for Thanksgiving from November 27th – November 30th.

While all my fellow anesthesia interns have to rotate through the same rotations, I just wish I had a general medicine month to kick things off in July. I found that as a medical student, I learned a LOT starting on my core internal medicine rotation with regards to orders, consults, patient care, the breadth of cases, etc. Oh well, the renal service will definitely be a learning experience. I know most of us have two kidneys. And they’re important. 🙂

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