My New Apartment

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13, 23, and 27 – the distance of my commutes (one way, in miles) to high school, college and medical school, respectively. Living five minutes from the Texas Medical Center will certainly be a very new experience as I begin residency. I’ll primarily commute via the Metro Light Rail system to avoid having to pay $12 per day for parking, although I’ll be driving for rotations I have at the VA Hospital as they provide a free parking lot. Since this is my first time living alone, it still feels like I’m just on a vacation. Maybe the “home feeling” will sink in once I start residency on July 1st. 🙂


  1. Stephen Reilly Reply

    Looks like a nice pad, dude! And congrats on completing med school! To recall you talking about going to med school way back in like 7th grade, as your friend, I’m proud to see you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out for.

    My apologies if I’ve appeared to have spammed your Facebook wall / inbox with simple “Hey, what’s up?” messages in recent months, but I do hope to catch up with you sometime soon, especially since I live in Baton Rouge these days.

    Anyway, hope all is well!

    • Rishi Reply

      Great to hear from you, Stephen! I’ve limited my activity on FB for a while now, but find me on Google+. If you’re in the area, we should grab lunch/dinner!

  2. Nice! Is this the Mosaic? (IDK, it’s just the fanciest one I know of). Also, did Tassadar make a good journey over?

    • Nah, this is at the Venue in the Museum District. And Tassadar has gotten quite accustomed to his corner of the apartment. =)

  3. Muneeza Muhammad Reply

    Great place! Love the hardwood floors. Enjoy residency Dr. Kumar 🙂

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