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It seems like each year (despite the questionable politics of Washington), the number of competitive med school applicants increases. In the context of a physician shortage, this metric seems advantageous; however, we simply don’t have enough institutions (especially centered around primary care) which can accommodate the growing needs of healthcare.


Enter Austin – a rapidly growing city centered around a  young-adult population (courtesy of the University of Texas at Austin) and a blossoming tech sector.  This blend of a youthful, innovative workforce in the context of “the Silicon Valley of the south” is a perfect venue to establish a new medical school system. If done right (and pockets are deep enough), they can pave the way for unprecedented research and educational modalities by tapping into nearby tech powerhouses like Dell Inc. Imagine all the “smart” technologies this could potentially breed. Imagine the endeavors which could be pursued in tandem with UT Austin’s well known engineering and business schools. Pretty exciting stuff!

Texas currently has 9 certified medical schools. NINE. We even have our own common application system (TMDSAS). In the fall of 2016, Dell Medical School will open its doors and become the tenth medical school in the Lone Star State, and as a Texan, I can only express one sentiment: “It’s about time!!” I can’t wait to hear about all the “full-ride” scholarships they’ll offer to entice people to matriculate there. 😉

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  1. As a native Texan, I’m “super stoked” for the establishment of Dell Medical School at UT-Austin. You brought up some good points about the booming tech sector that Austin is becoming. I hope we see some collaborations and joint ventures between the industries in Austin and DMS. I’m also curious how they are gonna incorporate technology into the actual curriculum and how they will set themselves apart from the other Texas medical school. The new Dean(whenever they decide who it is) will have a “blankish slate” to work with and I hope that make the most of it. I’m excited about the sheer amount of potential the school has. Its’ location, clinical partners and namesake will all help cement a strong legacy that can change the face of healthcare and medical education in Texas. I’ll will be keeping a close eye on DMS as they select a dean and start appointing administrators. 😉 Great post, btw!


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