Anesthesia Knowledge Test – AKT 6

Earlier today I took the anesthesia knowledge test (AKT-6), an exam administered to anesthesia residents who are near completing their sixth month of training.

The AKT-6 covers eight major areas: anesthesia, cardiovascular, equipment, neuromuscular, pharmacology, regional anesthesia and pain therapy, and respiratory. The exam itself was 160 multiple choice questions with a two hour time limit. Fortunately, each question was only 1-2 sentences in length and only had four answer choices; I finished in just under 90 minutes.

While this exam doesn’t “count”, per se, it’s an indirect way to gauge my level of preparation for the in-training exam (ITE) in February 2015. Though I’ve been reading regularly, I’ve been slacking off BIG TIME with regards to practice questions. With roughly two months remaining till the ITE, it’s time to really step up to the plate!

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