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Halfway Done With Emergency Medicine

My stint of night shifts was front-loaded this month, and now I’m in the midst of my 5pm-1am critical care shifts. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to regaining my normal sleep-wake cycles in the coming week… especially because I really need to focus on Step 3 preparation. Blah.

Pre-night-shift “dinner” – Oreos and coffee!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the emergency medicine (EM) residents and attendings. They’re a vibrant and laid-back group comparable to the anesthesiology faculty I’ve worked with. No surprise that a lot of anesthesia and EM residents were considering each other’s specialties at one point in med school.

In two weeks at our level 1 trauma center, I’ve already had the opportunity to do so many procedures: central lines, paracenteses, nerve blocks, laceration repairs, pelvic exams, bedside ultrasounds, and ACLS to name a few. It’s also nice that medical students and PA students are rotating with us, so I have plenty of opportunities to do some teaching. 馃檪

Post-night-shift Swissmush omelette at the Breakfast Klub
My lonely car at 2AM

Just wanted to drop this quick entry prior to heading out for my shift. Hope everyone is enjoying the NBA Playoffs!


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