Happy Holidays 2014 – Nexus 6 and iPads!

While my family doesn’t officially celebrate Christmas, it was nice to surprise my younger brother and mom with an iPad Mini and iPad Air, respectively, for the holidays! As for me, the Nexus 6 has become my new toy. 🙂

Having owned so many smartphones over the last five years, I can appreciate this being my FIRST without a hideous Verizon tramp stamp. And it’s an Android Nexus device. *insert fanboy swooning here* Only three words for the tech-inclined: fastboot oem unlock

A fully unlocked Nexus 6 device with a gorgeous , massive screen, front facing speakers, camera with OIS, 64 GB of storage, and turbo charging… I can’t wait to delve into the developer community’s offerings!

Mom’s iPad Air (front) and brother’s iPad Mini (back) flanked by their respective iPhones
Nexus 6 box
Comparison of my old Galaxy Nexus with the new Nexus 6

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season! 🙂

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