CA-1 Resident Poster Symposium

First time wearing my coat in over a year!

For the last several years, our program has hosted an annual anesthesiology poster symposium where CA-1 (PGY-2) residents discuss interesting cases or topics in anesthesiology. I presented an overview of anesthetic/surgical considerations in penetrating neck trauma yesterday morning.

At our level 1 trauma center, my colleagues and I have been involved in a myriad of cases involving gun shot wounds and stabbings to the neck area. These cases are always challenging and can potentially affect the vascular system (carotid/vertebral artery injury), securing the airway (bloody secretions, distorted anatomy), the aerodigestive tract (tracheolaryngeal injury, esophageal perforation), and the nervous system (neurogenic shock, paralysis).

We had a wonderful symposium, and I’m thankful for having a great group of fellow CA-1s to train with during residency. 🙂 Now it’s time to rest before being back on call tonight… and potentially having to deal with a stat neck exploration for penetrating neck trauma.

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