Day Before The ABA Basic Board Exam

Since last year, the anesthesiology written boards have been split into a basic exam taken between the 2nd and 3rd years of residency and an advanced exam taken after right after graduating from residency. My class will be the second group to cough up the $775 for another exam.

We’re given 4 hours and 40 minutes to complete 250 multiple choice questions. Though this is slightly longer than the in-training exam, I finished that thing in just under two hours, so time should not be an issue. Furthermore, the basic exam is pass/fail. 🙂

Basic exam breakdown (excerpt from the ABA Basic Exam site).

Based on the figure above, this exam will cover a wide breadth of topics ranging from pathophysiology and pharmacology to equipment and anatomy. Thank goodness the vignettes are not super long (a la USMLE). I’ll be taking the exam at Prometric… the same testing center I took the MCAT, USMLE 1, USMLE 2 CK, and USMLE 3. Naturally, the first 10 minutes will be spent in PTSD mode. 😀

Anyways… 250 questions stand between me and Jurassic World. BRING IT ON!

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