Farewell Bluehost – Hello SiteGround

I’ve been a Bluehost customer for roughly eight years, but after growing issues with web performance and uptime, I reluctantly decided it was time for a change. After doing some online research, I decided to go with SiteGround’s startup shared hosting plan locked in at $3.95 for 3 years (about half the cost compared to Bluehost).

The LiveChat team at Site Ground was extremely helpful in expediting my data migration, and if it wasn’t for a ridiculously long DNS propagation time, the site would have been seamlessly migrated in less than 30 minutes. They’ve already proven to be much faster with an emphasis on performance by providing technologies like Cloudflare’s Railgun and more advanced versions of PHP… even to basic users!

Over the next week, I’ll be testing some features on this site, so please let me know if there’s any broken functionality.

Looking forward to being a SiteGround customer for the foreseeable future! 🙂

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