Last Shift Of Obstetric Anesthesia As A CA-2!

I’m tired… like really tired. I’ve been working over two weeks without a true day off. I’ve got one more call shift beginning this afternoon before I’m officially done with obstetric anesthesia as a CA-2. More importantly – three days off! 😀

In all honesty, I’ve enjoyed my time back on obstetric anesthesia. Things are very different as a more senior resident. I’ve seen my skills with neuraxial anesthetics improve substantially compared to last year. My comfort in dealing with parturients and their anesthetic considerations has also grown considerably.

I’m writing this post staring at downtown in the distance while snacking on trail mix. Bleh, I really should be sleeping but have never been one to rest before (or during) call shifts. Here’s hoping for the best tonight! 😀


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