Second CA-1 Airway Month

I’m well into this month (a second month dedicated to managing difficult airways) which has been filled with call shifts thus far. I wanted to outline some minor updates since my last post.

  • Tassadar
    Studying for boards before my call shift. *yawn*

    was offline for over a month (it wouldn’t power on), and I finally had some time to look into it! Come to find out I just had to remove the graphics card, pop out the CMOS battery, and replace it. Bam, Tassadar has returned. As nerdy as this comes off, I’ve only had a Chromebook for the last month so my productivity has been rather limited.

  • I registered for the “basic” portion of my anesthesiology board exams this summer (mid-June). $775 down. 3 months left. Game time!
  • I’ve adjusted the color scheme on with some minor refinements on the administrative backend. Looking forward to implementing more tweaks in the coming weeks. Drop me a comment with any suggestions!
  • Okay, time for Apple’s “Spring Forward” keynote. Time to watch it and hopefully squeeze in a nap before my call shift tonight!

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