Staycation 2015

I’ve been on vacation this week to unwind from the first six months of my PGY-3 year. Instead of traveling, I’ve ended up using it as a “staycation” to catch up on studying. After my Basic Exam, I’ve primarily been reading literature articles to learn the latest developments in anesthesiology and perioperative care. Unfortunately, they seldom cover the testable minutia which will show up on my in-training exam in two months.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always preferred studying at home alone while gaming. Although this seems incredibly inefficient, well… it is. I guess I’ve made it this far… and if it ain’t broken… don’t fix it. 😀

csgo studying
Studying while playing CS: Global Offensive!

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    • Question banks: ACE questions, Hall, M5, and some TrueLearn
      Readings: “Big” Miller and some tables from M&M and Barash

      What year are you in your training? Obviously clinical experience will contribute significantly to your knowledge-base as well. 🙂


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