Beginning Of CA-3 Year – Back To Cardiothoracic Anesthesia!

It’s my first “real” day back on the job, and this time as a senior resident. I’m happy to be back among the cardiothoracic anesthesiologists at Texas Heart Institute which initially spurred my interest in this wonderful subspeciality. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the last three months of pediatric anesthesiology, I really enjoy thinking through the challenges posed by critically ill adult patients.

It’s nice that for the rest of the academic year, I’ll be returning to rotations which I’ve already been on. I’ll recognize a lot of people and already understand the general day-to-day workflow. Should make transitioning back much simpler. 🙂

I’m on call tomorrow, so I was released first this afternoon. Time to catch up on some emails and prepare for our all-residents Grand Rounds tomorrow morning. 🙂

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