Google Pixel C And Android N Developer Preview

I’ve been using my Google Pixel C running Android N’s developer preview for just over a week, and although there are obviously some glitches here and there, the performance and utility of Android as a tablet OS is finally beginning to shine. Historically, Android hardware has beaten iOS to the market with countless features ranging from multitasking to the latest display technologies; however, a key feature iOS 9 introduced before Android was the ability to use multiwindow on the iPads. In my opinion, this feature is essential in creating a device tailored for productivity.

Google Pixel C

Android N has implemented Google’s rendition of multiwindow, and even in its early testing phase, I’ve found it very useful! Here’s an example of browsing the heart’s anatomy in one window while reading cover stories in another. I’ve used this feature to take notes while reading a PDF, check emails while reading the news, and browse Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. 😀

The Pixel C hardware has also been nothing short of spectacular, and with the Pixel branding, I’ll be receiving updates straight from Google for the foreseeable future! It is slowly starting to replace my Macbook Air as my go-to device to accomplish education-related tasks, media consumption, and general purpose computing (email and web browsing in particular). 🙂

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