Happy New Year 2016 – Halfway Done With Clinical Anesthesia

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope everyone has had a chance to reflect on their achievements (and setbacks) in 2015 and on how to improve as an individual for the year to come. For me, today was a realization that I’ve reached the half-way mark of my clinical anesthesiology residency.

In the last 1.5 years, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about all flavors of anesthesia – general, trauma, pediatric, obstetric, cardiovascular, neuro, regional, pain management, and critical care to name some.  The training has been incredibly fulfilling thus far, and while residency is hard work, it’s a pleasure to serve the patients who entrust their safety and well-being with me.

I’m hoping to use the last 1.5 years of my residency to polish my procedural skills and knowledge base in preparation for fellowship training (if I match!) Additionally, I want to instill a strong work ethic and love for patient safety in our anesthesia interns who will soon be starting their clinical anesthesiology residency. 🙂

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