Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo 2016

During residency, I’ve tried to go to the Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo (the largest indoor rodeo in the world) each year with my classmates. Admittedly, I hate country music… but the carnival and livestock exhibits are always fun!

Yesterday I watched Mutton Bustin – an event where five year olds are strapped to sheeps for up to eight seconds of horror. It’s remarkable how determined those kids are! 🙂 Then I went to see my favorite exhibit at the entire event. Here it is!

THE NEWBORN CHICKS!! Must be scary to enter a world where hundreds of people are staring at you in confusion with flash photography. At least they’re well fed and cared for! 🙂

And what’s the rodeo (or anything in Houston) without ridiculously fattening foods? The carnival is lined with notoriously famous concession stands serving fried… uh… everything! I tried the Dough-E-Oreo for the first time. 24 hours later, and I still haven’t burned that thing off. Oh well. 😀

Houston Rodeo 2016!

I then decided to risk deceleration injuries, aneurysmal ruptures, and unconsciousness by trying some of the rides (Insanity and Remix 2 come to mind). All in all, it was a great way to escape from residency and the fellowship interview trail for an evening. 🙂

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