One Week Till CA-2 ITE

I’m watching the NBA All-Star Game and reflecting on my last week… and the even busier week to come.

How did I touch someone’s heart on Valentine’s Day? With a Swan-Ganz catheter!

I’ve had so many “firsts” as a cardiovascular anesthesia resident this month. My first thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm repair, first “double-stick” central line (placing two central lines in the same vein), first elephant trunk procedure for aortic arch repair… and more! Its been an exhausting but incredibly educational last two weeks as I watch critically ill patients receive treatment from some of the world’s most renowned cardiothoracic surgeons. 🙂

Now I’m starting another busy week filled with call shifts, my in-training exam on Friday, and a fellowship interview this weekend. The work load in residency is difficult enough, but having to use personal days for interviews (not exactly a “day off”), finding time to study for an important exam, squeezing in a daily hour for self-care… and yeah… recreational time has been at a low as of late. 😐

I’m just hoping to make it to next Tuesday… one day at a time.

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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