Boston Trip – Apartment Hunting

I got home early this morning after spending Monday afternoon and Tuesday looking for places to live in Boston. It was a great opportunity for me to explore the city, navigate the (extensive) public transportation system, simulate my commute, and talk to the locals about life in the New England area.

Compared to Houston, the cost of living is definitely higher. I’ll be paying more for a smaller and much older apartment in Boston; however, the city is chock full of things to do with a very structured way to get around. I found it fairly easy to go from the airport to my Airbnb, visit various medical institutions, tour apartments, and even visit China Town for bubble tea just by walking and using the subway. 😀

Additionally, I’ve always enjoyed exploring the historical aspects of medicine. Much of my career’s roots are linked to developments in Boston, namely the first public demonstration of surgical, ether-based anesthesia. Brigham and Women’s Hospital itself is the result of a merger of Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Robert Breck Brigham Hospital, and the Boston Hospital for Women back in 1980. I also find the colonial architecture and rich American history foundation to be so cool! Here are some random touristy pictures:

I also went ahead and signed for an apartment in the Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. It’s a 15-20 minute commute to work via the subway and situated in a very nice area of the city. Hoping this forces me to get out more. Here are some pictures of a model (ie, this is not my furniture):

I can’t believe there are only 10 weeks of residency left! 😯

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