Mock Oral Boards

I’ll be taking my actual applied exam (OSCE and oral boards) in the spring of 2018, but tomorrow, I’ll be taking my first official mock oral board exam with the department.

So much of anesthesiology relies on our ability to stratify risks, optimize patients, predict problems in the context of a patient’s comorbidities, and apply advanced physiology and pharmacology. Additionally, there’s tremendous variability in styles, so it’s important for us to know the pros and cons of different techniques for any clinical context.

The American Board of Anesthesiology’s website describes the oral boards as an exam designed…

…to assess a candidate’s ability to demonstrate the attributes of a diplomate when managing patients presented in clinical scenarios. The attributes are sound judgment in decision making and management of surgical and anesthetic complications, appropriate application of scientific principles to clinical problems, adaptability to unexpected changes in the clinical situations, and logical organization and effective presentation of information.

Although one’s knowledge base might be strong, being able to effectively articulate an organized thought process is a separate skill all together. We’ll see how the exam goes tomorrow. 🙂

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