RK.MD 2017 Redesign

RK.MD’s last major design change was roughly halfway through my residency training in February 2015. It’s time for a change! 🙂

In comparing the “before-and-after” images below, it’s clear that I carried over many elements from my previous layout.

I wanted to take advantage of a wider, responsive pane to provide better immersion using large, clear typefaces complemented by abundant images. I also eliminated elements like a list of recent comments and dedicated archives page as I deemed them unnecessary for most users. The simplified color scheme includes two colors which will represent my fellowship training: the header blue represents Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the red accents all over the site are Harvard crimson. 😀

I spent some time consolidating my “pages” as well (see the links across the top panel and footer). Having streamlined performance, I’m now shifting to fine design adjustments ranging from more AJAX utilization to font icon implementation.

Shifting to a new layout is always riddled with logistical and technical errors. I significantly customized my prior theme over the years, so having to translate those modifications to a new backend is proving to be cumbersome. Give me some time and drop me a line with any glaring problems you run into! 🙂

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