Three Months Of Residency Left!

I’m writing this post on my last true “long call shift” of residency! 12 hours in, and its been a “thrown into the fire” kind of call shift back at the heart institute. It’s fast paced and the patients are very high acuity. Just how I like it. 🙂

I’m flying out to Boston on April 10-11th to look at rental apartments/condos for my fellowship training. It’s slowly starting to hit me that everything I’ve known in Houston… from the Texas Medical Center to the places I grew up… will be missing in my life for the next two years. 🙁

Texas Heart Institute

I know I should be more excited, but the arduous task of moving to a new city, getting situated with my living set up, having to take the final portion of my written boards, oh yeah, and starting a critical care fellowship… it’s taking a mental toll. I’ve tried looking up apartments close to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and each time I inquire about their availability, I seem to get shot down. Hopefully seeing these places in person will bring me better luck next week!

I also need to find a more structured way to learn about the landmark clinical trials and ongoing studies in critical care. It’s a field with such a rich literature base, so I need to start formulating an approach to learn the established research.

Time to go set up some of the operating rooms for tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. Best of luck in your upcoming endeavour. I beliebe you already know about the website . An excellent websiye on the field of critical care. Hope the blog will continue to live with you beginning fellowship. Best of luck mate and wish you all the best


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