ABA Applied Exam Scheduled!

I received an email yesterday stating that my APPLIED Exam has been scheduled for Monday, March 5, 2018 at the testing center in Raleigh, North Carolina. This $2,100 exam will be my last hurdle before becoming officially board certified in anesthesiology. 

Taken straight from the American Board of Anesthesiology’s (ABA) website, the APPLIED exam is broken into two portions: the standardized oral exam (SOE) and the new objective structured clinical exam (OSCE). I’ll be in the very first group that has ever taken this OSCE. 🙂

The SOE (formerly known as the Part 2 Examination) is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to demonstrate the attributes of a diplomate when managing patients presented in clinical scenarios. The attributes are sound judgment in decision making and management of surgical and anesthetic complications, appropriate application of scientific principles to clinical problems, adaptability to unexpected changes in the clinical situations, and logical organization and effective presentation of information. The exam is based on guided questions that include a brief clinical history of a patient and emphasizes the scientific rationale underlying clinical management decisions. The exam includes two 35-minute sessions with a 10-minute break in between.

The OSCEs will assess two domains that may be difficult to evaluate in written or oral exams – communication and professionalism and technical skills related to patient care. Candidates will participate in a seven-station circuit that will evaluate their proficiency in seven of the nine skills listed in the OSCE Content Outline. Each OSCE encounter will be eight minutes long with four minutes between stations to review the next scenario. The OSCE portion of the APPLIED Exam will take 84 minutes from start to finish.

In some exam rooms, candidates will interact with a standardized patient actor as part of the scenario. In others, they will interact directly with an examiner, but examiners will not be in most exam rooms. Instead, the sessions will be recorded for grading purposes.

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  1. Dr,rish ur exam sounds really hard but,hopefully through our prayers god will lead u to pass the important exam in ur life.I also I asked my filipino fellow man to pray for ur exam this coming march 5,2018.I believed that 1or more people pray in god’s name he’s there.so,,everything is possible with god.asked and y you will receive. My gift for you is my prayers.goodluck dr.rishI’m???


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