Multidisciplinary Critical Care Knowledge Assessment Program (MCCKAP) Exam

Boston was hit by another Nor’easter today, but I have to brave the elements to present my very last journal club as a critical care fellow!

Then I took the four hour, 200 multiple choice question MCCKAP exam. This exam was basically practice for my critical care boards this October. Fortunately, I did pretty well! 🙂

I find out the results of my anesthesiology oral boards in roughly a week, but now that they’re finished (hopefully for good), I can really get back to focusing on critical care! And of course enjoying the snow. 😉

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  1. Dr.rish for my observation your whole life was dedicating to your profession , unlike the other doctors they enjoy their lives too much. They have night out have time for fitness etc.
    Doc.your hobbies is very simple hahaha just with the snow.

    I hope after all your exam done ,give time for your self to enjoy without snow haha.
    Doc.I’m inspiring to your life story someday your one of hall of fame because of your humility ethics and as being dedicated to your critical care fellowship.

    You are gifted dr.rish


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