Starry Internet

Last week I discontinued my Comcast Xfinity service in favor of a new service provided by my apartment complex – Starry Internet. Starry operates on the 38.2 and 38.6 GHz bands are uses wireless technology to connect the provided wi-fi router to a base station which ultimately connects to a receiver. This is fairly new technology initially rolled out in Boston but also available in Los Angeles and Washington, DC at the time of this writing. So far I’m thoroughly impressed!

Starry costs $50 per month (no contract) and provides the router and set up free of charge. Through my apartment, I was able to get three free months of service and $200 towards the early termination fee of my contract with Comcast. To top it off, the Starry technician even took my old Comcast equipment and returned it. 🙂

Here’s the bandwidth comparison between Xfinity and Starry using an Internet speed test:

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