Away Travel – The Bigger Carry-On

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My Samsonite carry-on has been falling apart for the last few years, so in preparation for my vacation next week, I opted for finally upgrade to something more “modern.” After perusing the Internet and considering my needs (I travel LIGHT), I went with the Away Bigger Carry-On in navy blue with a customized name tag. This piece of luggage has a TSA-approved combination lock, polycarbonate shell, hidden laundry bag, compression system, 360 degree wheels, and 10,000 mAh ejectable battery compliant with FAA, TSA, and DOT regulations. They also included international power adapters and a cleaning sponge!

Drop me a comment below with questions!


    • It worked really well for my trip to Australia and New Zealand. I travel lightly, so packing was a breeze! 🙂

  1. Hello! Is there a reason why you chose this one instead of the one with a pocket in the front?

    • Simple – I didn’t need it. I use a Nomatic messenger bag to carry most things that I would have put in the front pocket.

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