Bose 700 And AirPods Pro

I’ve had my Sony WH-1000XM3 for roughly a year before they just stopped working. No matter what I tried, they wouldn’t turn back on. Fortunately, I’ve always purchased the GeekSquad replacement plan from Best Buy for my headphones and received an in store credit to apply to some new ear cans. I decided to go with the Bose 700 headphones.

In my opinion, the 700’s design is sleeker and the microphones are definitely superior. I just wasn’t “blown away” by the sound quality. It’s not BAD, but considering that the headphones came out almost as year after the XM3s, I would have expected more. Furthermore, Sony’s application lets users tweak with an equalizer whereas Bose does not.

Then I upgraded my first generation AirPods to a custom AirPods Pro. These in-ear, noise-cancelling headphones are MUCH more portable than the over-ear cans I’m used to carrying on my commute, and quite frankly, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of noise cancellation. Since I’m primarily in an Apple ecosystem (iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, Apple Watch, iMac Pro), the AirPods Pro interfaces seamlessly with all of these devices without a hitch!

AirPods Pro

Do you have one of these devices? What do you think? Drop me a comment below with your thoughts!

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